Modern Bedroom Furniture for a Hotel

If you are looking for modern fitted bedroom furniture for a hotel, you need consider two main aspects: on your business side, good hotel bedroom furniture needs to be sturdy, long-lasting, and easily cleaned. On the guest's side, it needs to look like it came from someone's home. That will bring the "home away from home" feel and a sense of decor in the hotel room.  

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Upmarket hotels will require well-made pieces, uniqueness, quality woods, and a nice polish bringing warmness and unifying all decor elements together. A business hotel or a budget hotel near a train station will have more practicality on its design choices, such as wipe-clean surfaces for faster room cleaning, tougher materials to withstand a higher amounts of guests, and more uniform designs in each room.

Even though both opposites of the spectrum seem so distant from each other, the fact is that most hotel furniture is bought from the same company. Yes, nowadays there are furniture manufacturers who specialize in designing furniture for hotels - just like there are companies who work exclusively with office furniture, school furniture, and so on.

Furniture for hotels has special requirements, especially concerning its constant and more aggressive use. This does not mean all hotel guests are savages. It simply means that beds are slept in most nights, wardrobes are opened and closed in a hurry, multiple times in a morning. Furniture for hotel bedrooms see intense and continuous use from people who want to pack their bags and leave, instead of paying attention to the furniture.

So, hotel furniture durability has different standards. It goes beyond not breaking. Yes, it still needs to be sturdy and useful. It also needs to remain looking sharp. Scratched furniture and worn out curtains will leave the wrong impression on your guests. Furniture for hotels need to work smoothly and retain a just-bought appearance throughout its usable life. Building such furniture requires special tools, know-how, and finishes, which is why most furniture for hotels come from the same place.

Another important aspect is standards. Buying hotel furniture follows standardised sizes, dimensions of the bedroom, quality of materials used, and number of hotel stars. Furnishing equal rooms using the same furniture set brings economies of scale and sensible pricing.

This way, hotel owners can sensibly budget for furnishings before buying anything. Good budgeting increases the chances your hotel will be successful.

In the end, the best trick hotel furniture can make is to look normal, when it is much stronger and long-lasting. This is the true benchmark of quality furniture for hotels.