5 Professional Cleaning Tips for Hotel-Grade Cleanliness in Your Home

Nothing beats the level of cleanliness that world-class hotels boast. If you want that same hotel-grade clean in your home, read our professional cleaning tips.

While a bit of cleaning can have a therapeutic quality, cleaning the entire house can stagger you into a dread-filled haze.

Yet, it still needs doing and if you need to do it, better to make sure you do it right the first time!

Hotel cleaning is some of the most efficient and fast cleaning routines in the world. Here are a few of their professional cleaning tips!

  1. Keep Up Your Motivation

Start small. Break it all down into a bunch of little jobs. For each small thing you can do, that is progress and that can help boost your confidence to keep going.

Another confidence booster can be music. Background music can feel great to help get you motivated. That is until you are dancing more than cleaning.

Make sure your extra additions like music or your phone aren’t distractions but feel free to use them if they provide fun and motivation.

  1. The Right Cleaning Tools

If you want to do it right, you need quality. You should look into investing in some good cleaning tools. Alternatively, make sure you get the appropriate tools for the job.

Need to get in deep with your glassware? Get a glass washer. Need to pick up all the dirt? Look into a proper vacuum.

Sometimes changing out a tool into the right one can make a world of difference.

The traditional tallow soaps that people use in the shower are the big reason you have soap scum stains all over your tub. Switch your soap out for vegetable oil or glycerin made substitutes.

professional cleaning tips

As well, look to tools that can pull double duty. A dishwasher can clean ceramics and metal containers of all sorts, letting it handle dirty items across the home.

  1. UpkeepingYour tools

Getting quality tools is a great start, maintaining your overworked tools is even better.

Every few weeks, more if you need to clean often, you should pull apart your vacuum and clean it well. Replace bags, wipe down brushes, and unclog tubes.

  1. The Tips You May Miss

A nice trick before any cleaning happens is to prevent nasty buildup in the shower. After each bath or shower wipe it down with a squeegee. Get the whole family to do it and save you a massive amount of time.

Stuck-on chunks of old food will be a common problem for a microwave. To help remove it, microwave a big bowl of warm water and let the steamy residue soften up the old food for a quick wipe.

One of the biggest time savers when cleaning is to sweep any and all debris from countertops and furniture onto the floor. When you finish the counters, then move on to vacuuming to get everything at once.

  1. Priorities and Pacing

If you keep some basic wiping and cleanup as things get dirty around the house, a deep cleaning is only needed every once in a while. Leaving unused spaces for a week or more? No problem.

The timing of everything is important. Don’t vacuum until you have wiped off all the counters. Don’t clean by the door if you are going to sweep a bunch of dirt over that part and out said door.

Getting Grips With Professional Cleaning

While professional cleaning is a lot of work, the professionals know when to put in the effort and when to find a work-around.

Everyone will love the cleaning results, whether it is in their own homes or at the hotels they stay at. While abroad, there is still so much more you can learn! Check out our other articles today!

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