Culinary Tips: 6 Restaurants to Visit in Baltimore

The national culinary traditions of Baltimore are quite interesting, despite the fact that, first of all, American cuisine is mainly associated with fast food. In local restaurants, dishes are prepared according to old recipes. Therefore, they are delicious and hearty. The owners of the establishments gladly demonstrate their culinary masterpieces to all their visitors.

In Baltimore, there are a huge number of bars, cafes and restaurants, where you can taste dishes of both traditional American cuisine and the most popular cuisines in the world – Mexican, Italian, French, Middle Eastern, Asian, Greek. Also, there are establishments specializing in seafood or vegetarian dishes. So, among the most popular Baltimore’s dining spots are the following restaurants…


Charleston is an haute cuisine restaurant where gourmets can satisfy their aesthetic and culinary needs. This restaurant has a rich history, and is one of the best dining spots in Baltimore. The elite establishment is located at 1000 Lancaster St, so you can easily find it with car rental in Baltimore.

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The chef offers delicious dishes of traditional American and world cuisines. Portions are not very big, but each dish is worthy of respect. If you want, it’s possible to ask both a standard and vegetarian menu. Elegant atmosphere, quiet musical accompaniment, unhurried and high-quality service will immerse you in a special state of mind. In addition to above-mentioned thinks, there is a lovely bar with a large selection of beers.

Address: 1000 Lancaster St, Baltimore

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday 5pm-12am, Sunday closed

Chaps Pit Beef

Culinary Tips: 6 Restaurants to Visit in Baltimore

Baltimore: Chaps Pit Beef – Ribs

Chaps Pit Beef is a perfect spot in case you want to enjoy, tasty, hearty and money-saving dishes. Its turkey and beef sandwiches deserve special attention! The establishment serves hot sandwiches with meat stuffing and cheese, and the amount of cheese and meat is so large that the bun just bursts because of the overabundance of filling. Also, the menu of Chaps Pit Beef includes side dishes, salads, snacks, desserts, as well as hot and cold drinks.

Address: 5801 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore

Operating Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10.30am-10pm, Friday and Saturday 10.30am-11pm

Wicked Sisters


Wicked Sisters restaurant-bar offers you to try the popular dishes of the innovative American cuisine. This is a very stylish establishment that has enough space for visitors, so you don’t have to wait for your turn at the entrance. The chefs of Wicked Sisters cook wonderful meat on open fire, salads and burgers, and also pamper visitors with a huge selection of soft drinks. Many locals and travelers come to this establishment specifically to enjoy their favorite donuts. By the way, takeaway option is also available in Wicked Sisters, so you can order some meals to be eaten at home.

Address: 3845 Falls Rd, Baltimore

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-12am, Saturday and Sunday 10am-12am

Joe Benny’s

All pizza fans should definitely visit Joe Benny’s focacceria. A cozy interior with a Mediterranean accent will help you to plunge into a warm and homely atmosphere.

Regular visitors of Joe Benny’s call the local pizza as ‘correct’, because it’s very similar to the Italian pizza in terms of taste qualities. The pizzeria is ideal for friendly meetings, business lunches or spending time with children.


In addition to this popular dish, which has long been international food, other dishes of Italian cuisine are also served there. Vegetarians will be pleased with a large selection of vegetable salads. By the way, some kinds of pizza are cooked exclusively with vegetables. Speaking of desserts, a magnificent ice cream, and a lot of refreshing fruit cocktails are offered.

Address: 313 S High St, Baltimore

Operating Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 5pm-9pm, Friday 5pm-10pm, Saturday 4pm-10pm, Sunday and Monday closed

Thames Street Oyster House

Thames Street Oyster House, Baltimore Maryland

(photo by ehpien)

Located in a wonderful historic building, Thames Street Oyster House is a very interesting establishment. In addition to such popular dishes of American cuisine as beef steaks and sandwiches, it also serves incredibly tasty seafood specialties. You can always order fresh French fries with local branded sauces, and try crabs and shrimps, as well as unique salads with seafood, which are distinguished by spectacular serving design. This restaurant is one of the few culinary spots in Baltimore, where you can try the freshest mussels, and enjoy the popular French delicacy – snails.

Address: 1728 Thames St, Baltimore

Operating Hours: Monday and Tuesday 5pm-9.30pm; Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-9.30pm; Friday and Saturday 11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-10.30pm

SoBo Café

Sobo Cafe in Federal Hill

(photo by MICA Prospectus)

In order to taste original local sweets, you can head to SoBo Cafe, which remains one of the most popular dining spot in Baltimore. The choice of cakes and pies in this cafe is very large, and many regular visitors are attracted by a wide selection of ice cream. Besides of sweets, the cafe presents a rich diversity of main dishes – the menu always offers meat and fish options, salads and hearty sandwiches. Dishes served in SoBo Café are quite simple, but the masterful design turns them into real gastronomic masterpieces.

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