Planning to travel? Weigh luggage at home to avoid hassle

Travelling is an enthusiastic experience to explore you. For travelling, you will have that big luggage packed. When you check in airport, you have to weigh the luggage and pay for it when it exceeds the weight limit. So to avoid this hassle, it is better to avoid the last minute tension by weighing the luggage at home. When you plan to travel and start you packing, try to pack only the most important things by avoiding extra items that adds weight to luggage. Most of the airlines allow only 50 gallons of luggage weight and if it exceed, you need to pay more. Nowadays, airlines are strict with what we should carry and most importantly weight of the luggage. If your weight is more than the limit, you may have to take out those extra weighing luggage or pay extra dollars for those extra weight.

It is advisable for you to check out luggage weight before you complete packing. Once when you start packing, check every item weigh and check for its necessity. If it is more necessary, you can proceed to pack. Thus after packing things that are needed for travelling, you should weigh the whole luggage weight at home. This helps you to make peaceful boarding and tension while weighing luggage at airport. There are various options to weigh luggage at home. Some of them are

  • Weigh luggage with the use of scale

Weigh scale is an easy and affordable option. There are many portable scales in lowest price. It is available in all hyper markets. They provide portable weigh scale at cheaper rate. You just buy it from the shop and weigh your luggage at home to get accurate weight measure.

  • Weighing with human scale

It is obvious that weighing scales are handy and cheaper than what we expect. But if you are in the process of packing thing early morning or in the before day night, you are not open to buy scales in the hurry burry. So you may wonder how to weigh the luggage without having scale. If you are a fitness freak, am sure you will have human weight scale. Am I right? Yes, you can measure luggage weight with that scale. For this you need to stand on the scale with luggage and without luggage. Get the measurement and find its variation. The variation result denotes the luggage weight.

  • Weighing without scale

This is the least case to try out. This measure cannot be accurate. When you want to weigh luggage at home without a scale, you have to gather some items from your kitchen and make the seesaw method to get approximate weight measure.

There are also many other way to measure luggage weight. Do not stress yourself for these small matters. Get into the travelling mood to enjoy trip.

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