Relaxing Your Body and Mind at Blawan Waterfall, Indonesia

Living in a world where everything is moving rapidly will increase the pressure and stress in your daily activities. With this higher stress level, people seek for ways to maintain their mental state in order to avoid any mental health issues. Some people choose to relax at home during weekend, while the others choose exercise as their solution. Vacation becomes one of the favorite way for people to relieve their body and mind after continuous days of works. There are a lot of places in the world where you can have your dream vacation. There are a lot of beautiful vacation spots, from beaches, mountains, to waterfall around the world. These wonderful places will help you release all the burdens on your shoulder. One of the recommended places to visit is Blawan Waterfall in Indonesia. Situated in the village of Kalianyar, Sempor district, East Java, approximately 52 km from Bondowoso town, the waterfall is the disposal spot of water from Ijen Crater and also the continuation of Kali Pahit. It contains a lot of sulfur. From this waterfall, the water emerges again at Asembagus on Situbondo district.

Surrounded by jagged cliffs, Blawan Waterfall also has a stalagmite cave. The cave is believed to be used for meditation by monk’s long time ago. Around the area, you can see macadamia plants. Near the fall, there is a hot spring where you can take a bath. There are also a lot of hotels and shelters where you can stay for a night or two. Usually, there is a tour to Blawan Waterfall and its surrounding offered by the accommodation providers to guide you during your visit in this area. Other tourist destinations near the Blawan Waterfall are listed below:

Relaxing Your Body and Mind at Blawan Waterfall, Indonesia

Blawan Natural Hot Spring: this hot spring is situated in Blawan Waterfall area. You can enjoy the nature and the stunning landscapes as this pool is surrounded by greeneries. This place is also a good photo spots as there are a lot of trees. You can have a relaxing holiday in this hot spring. After visiting this hot spring, your stiff muscles will sure be more relaxed than before.

DhamarWulan Natural Pool: this pool is also located in the area Blawan Waterfall and surrounded by greeneries and the beauty of nature. The water has a great visibility. This place will also give you a relaxing vacation, away from responsibilities and the hectic and messy life of mega city. Not only enjoying the hot spring, you can also have a picnic your family or friends under the trees and enjoy the cool breeze offered by the greeneries.

The paragraphs above already describes about some of the information about Blawan Waterfall. Visiting Blawan Waterfall is certainly a great idea, especially if you only have limited time and budget. There are a lot of tour providers that you can choose to help you manage your vacation. Make sure to do some research before choosing the tour provider, as some providers may offer overpriced packages.

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