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Maria Island is also known as Toarra-Marra-Monah or Tiarra-Marra-Monah in Tasmanian. It is a beautiful mountainous island in the Tasmanian Sea. The Maria Island National Park occupies the whole Maria Island. It is a delightful blend of rare wildlife, convict heritage, and elegant accommodation. The island has a rich history. It includes two convict eras and two industrial eras. It also has a farming era before becoming the national park that it is today. Maria Island provides various interesting spots. It is a haven to daytrippers and overnight visitors.

Maria Island is a world heritage listed national park. Aside from the rich history, it also has stunning beaches and incredible food. It is also proud of its rich biodiversity of the flora and fauna. There are almost a hundred of the well-known Tasmanian Devils on the island. Wombats are also a common sight, especially at dusk. An interesting highlight of the Maria Island experience is the hike to Haunted Bay. The view of Bishop and Clerk Mountain is so overwhelming it makes the walk worth it.

The four-day walk

The Great Maria Island Walk is an active but relaxing holiday experience. It lets the guests experience the remoteness and tranquility of wilderness in 4 days. Walking groups comprise of ten visitors with two professional guides. Visitors are first collected in Hobart and taken to the city base. This is where the guests meet the guides and other guests. Light packs are then taken and the guests receive a briefing. The adventure then begins.

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The beginning

The historic coastal town of Triabunna welcomes the guests on the first day. A boat takes the guests to Maria Island by going through the wonderful Mercury Passage. The guests will set foot on a pristine, untouched beach. The guests can enjoy the crystal azure waters of Shoal Bay while they have their lunch. After a satisfying meal, they will take a walk to the Casuarina Beach camp. The whole afternoon will be for exploring the trail through the tall eucalypt forest. All the way down to the striking Haunted Bay. A fine Tasmanian gourmet dinner will then await the guests in the evening. They can stroll along the beach at sunset with a glass of wine if they prefer.

The marvel

The busy chattering of the wattlebirds will wake the guests up on the second day. The guests can watch the morning sun through the forest from their windows. The second-day journey will begin after a delicious breakfast. There are five fabulous beaches that guests will enjoy during the Great Walk. They can watch dolphins and sea eagles as they walk past the carpet of exotic shells. A refreshing swim at White Gums camp by late afternoon lets the guests relax. A candlelit dinner of the finest Tasmanian food and wine completes the second day of marvel.

The heart

The guides will take the guests inland to the heart of Maria Island. The rich greens of the grand forests are an amazing wonder every visitor should experience. They can wander through the world’s largest stand of giant Tasmanian blue gums. They can also climb the peaks of Mt. Maria or Bishop and Clerk if they are up to some active challenge. The breathtaking views are worth the walk. The guests arrive at Tasmanian’s fascinating World Heritage-listed settlement of Darlington. They will stay at the elegant colonial Bernacchi House. The final night will end with a banquet of fine wine and wonderful conversation.

The peak

A delicious breakfast welcomes the guest on their fourth and last day of the walk. A walk around the northern tip of Maria Island comes next. Guests will see various stunning woodlands and forests. A rich and rare mix of birds, wallabies, wombats, and other animals will fascinate the guests. Also, the dramatic sea cliffs of Fossil Bay and the remarkable fossils at Fossil Cliffs. A celebratory farewell lunch welcomes the guests once they arrive back at Darlington. They will then board the boat and go back to the mainland Tasmania and Hobart.

The Great Walk is a unique experience for all. It is a combination of all the great things. Exquisite food, phenomenal wilderness, abundant wildlife, and World Heritage-listed history. A walk & tour company in Tasmania can help you if you want to experience the enthralling journey. Most people consider this as one of the best-kept secrets of Tasmania.

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